SunGhosts: ‘Til The City Goes Under

We thought we’d return from our hiatus with a familiar favorite. Alt Rising Acts SunGhosts have released a video for their hit anthemic single ‘Til The City Goes Under, and it’s right in line with what we expect from the epic Miami rockers.

The “Best Band in Miami” is using their title to promote their surrounding music scene, the community in which they call home and are deeply inspired by in their creative process. As the band states, “the song is actually about the Miami music scene and the challenges facing local musicians here, which I’m sure musicians in other cities can relate to as well, especially places which don’t cater too much to live music.”

As we at IndieBeat have learned, Miami is an innovative independent scene, fostering incredible music and culture in a intimate yet amplified setting. The video showcases this with a tour of the more hole-in-the-wall Miami, with the close community vibe exhibited through use of the paperboy SunGhosts delivering the news that music will never die out in the scene (despite rumors about it going under), to all their band friends including Magic City Hippies, AstroMaps, and Deaf Poets. You’ll even find another one of our Alt Rising Acts in there: the amazing Long Shore Drift. The video finishes with the guy’s rocking out a small local gig at an unexpected venue, standard to a scene dedicated to playing live no matter how small the nook and cranny.

Having just finished a week full of showcases at SXSW and having charted on college radio stations nationwide, it’s incredible what these guys are doing with their rapidly rising fame. SunGhosts never forget about where they started, and that’s why everything these guys do is full of passion, ferocity, and genuine talent. Watch the video below: