SunGhosts: Hydro Pump

Alt Rising Acts SunGhosts are back and premiering a #FunIndieSun music video for their surf-punk track Hydro Pumpright here on IndieBeat. We previously described Hydro Pump as “[capturing] the group’s standard intense directness, vocal charm, and infectious psych instrumentals,” and all of that is transferred in the rocking pool party video.

SunGhosts fans, you’re in luck! The guys are releasing their debut studio album on August 23rd, via start-up Miami indie label, Orchard House Music. You can pre-order the record now, and help fund their upcoming tour via their indiegogo campaign. Not only will you be among the first to hear it, getting a digital download of the 14-track album a week early at the low price of $10, but your additional support will add up to some “extra juicy perks,” including exclusive merch, private shows & musical rarities. We believe in these guys, and so should you; help these guys put on an epic tour around the American southeast, because after viewing that video, you know how awesome experiencing them live would be!

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The Hydro Pump video is out everywhere tomorrow night. Featured Photo by Kieth Hardy.