Jess Mayuga: Introduction

ICYMI in the pilot episode of Stage Presence, Jess Mayuga is moving to Seattle this weekend to embark on the next leg of her life. Coincidently, she’s also moving into IndieBeat for the season, as our Fall Artist In Residence.

We’re partnering with Jess as she releases her debut full-length, Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber. In trade for digital room & board, she’ll be sharing with you the creative and contextual process behind her new album, along with some fun surprises throughout the season. Stay Tuned This Season.

Residency Post No. 1:


It’s a pleasure to be back on IndieBeat, this time with some exciting news to behold as your Artist In Residence for Fall 2016.

For those of you have never encountered me before, I’m Jessica Mayuga (but you can just call me Jess) and I’ve been releasing music out of my bedroom since the tender age of 12. Those of you who have been with me from the very very very beginning might remember my Myspace run as A Summer Project, which was far more popular than anything I have released since. Last July, IndieBeat ran a feature of my single ‘What Are You Sad About Leaving Behind’ off of my sad summer EP Bummertime.

As it turns out, the central theme of my life so far has been sad summers and people are now asking me what I am sad about leaving behind, as I get ready to move to Seattle in a few days. Amidst this time of transition and tribulation, I have (almost instinctively) written and recorded a number of tracks to bring you Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber, my new album that will be released this Thursday, September 1st. Distance is seven songs reflecting late-night thought processes and trying to understand the relationships I have with my hometown and the people in it. The album artwork (below) is very special to me and was done by my friend and musician and illustrator, Cliff Fields (IG: @clifffields).


The pre-order for Distance is now open. As a celebratory perk, the first 15 people to purchase a digital version of the album will receive a free physical-copy, hand-burned by yours truly.

To close, I present you with my first single from Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber, ‘Bobby Pins’. If you’ve listened to Bummertime, you will notice that this track and all of Distance Makes The Heart Grow Somber is different from everything I’ve released up to this point. In the next few weeks, I plan to unpack what the tracks have meant to me in the moving process and how I’ve seen myself grow as an artist and musician.

It is an understatement to say that I am excited to share this part of me with you.

Until next time,

J. Mayuga

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