Sleep State | Making Up The Rules (Video)

Alt Rising Act Sleep State is back with a stellar video for their brand new single Making Up The Rules, just in time for the Back-To-School vibes that the visuals emit. With notebook-type doodles, playgrounds and paper airplanes, the video perfectly captures the high school-esque dating mind-games that the song is about.

When last we talked to Troy Ritchie, Sleep State lead-singer, he told us about the song: “That’s definitely the best track we’ve laid down in a studio so far-so much groovin’ and there’s even a lil guitar solo by yours truly.”

That funky groove and dynamic guitar solo he mentions are central to the addicting single. Consult our previous words for their last EP as a just description of the track:  “With warm vocals leading the charge on their cool and charismatic LA indie-pop aesthetic, the group is an amazing display of accessible yet textured exploratory melodies. Reminiscent of Moon Taxi and a hipper and more innovative Dave Matthews Band, Sleep State evokes energy in a calm form, with passionately refined tracks that blend beach nostalgia, electro-pop meditations and edgy soul-rock into anthemic hits.”

All that can be said about this captivating song, with its infectious vocal hooks, dreamy synth glisten, and an overall warm energy that you won’t mind having stuck in your head all day. Even better are those original dance moves Troy does around Echo Park Lake. C’mon, who would reject those quirky moves? “It doesn’t make any sense, at all.”

Watch the fun video below:

Director/Animator: Adam VillaSenor

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