Captiva | Check Your System

Combining storytelling & soundtracking, ENCOUNTER is a Musical Memory Mixtape. In each edition of ENCOUNTER we ask our guest artist to curate a playlist and use it to tell a story about creative experiences. What better way to become closer to artists than to hear the music they experience.

This week’s artists is the familiar fan-favorite from Kansas City: Captiva. The guys have just been featured on a Daytrotter session after releasing a new single off their upcoming album Pay No Mind. You can stream the Check Your System single as part as their playlist below.

As we talked on the Stage Presence interview, Captiva’s new music will explore more heavy and explorative rock sounds in their upcoming release. Check Your System ushers in that new era. The track retains the group’s signature attention to rhythmic funk, but a more reverberating psych-edge. With a howling Nashville rock feel, combined with modern alternative layering, the song is passionately driving. The vocals are captivatingly pained and enticingly snarled, teetering between whispering shoegaze and anthemic soul. Winding and warm in its groove and reminiscent of recent Foo Fighters, Check Your System is a fantastic swaggering track complete with twangy guitar riffage.

We now introduce you to an ENCOUNTER with Captiva.

On The Subject of Road Listening

SXSW 2015 was our first major traveling experience as a band, and was actually the “full initiation” of Nick into Captiva (hazing is a real thing). We’ve always enjoyed listening to new music while driving, and Tame Impala’s new record ‘Currents’ had just dropped that week, so we were jamming that most of the way to Austin. There are so many experiences to be had while on the road, and this trip was by far one of the coolest. Hearing any of these songs now brings back such fun memories.

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