Episode 5: Nonnsha

In each episode of Stage Presence, we talk with artists, producers, bloggers, and other creative individuals who make up indie + alternative culture.

WE’RE BACK. Did you miss us? This episode Josh is joined by Shannon Simbulan to discuss her solo project, Nonnsha. Stay tuned for an exciting announcement about future episodes.

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Nonnsha is a one girl band coming from Victorville, California. She plays guitar, piano, ukulele, and sings. A majority of the recordings are from her bedroom floor captured on a Fostex MR-8 Digital Multitracker. Releasing music ever since 2008, she has always hoped that through it all she could keep her chin up and possibly help others along the way.

Find out all about her in our Alt Rising Acts Interview, and find out about her latest album in the following video:


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Theme Song: “Keep It Coming” by The Good Wives. Buy the album on Bandcamp.