Love Ghost | Interview

Indie + alternative music culture depends on dedicated artists who create diversity & drive innovation in all aspects of songwriting, production & performance. We constantly feature new & notable independent acts on the verge of success. Meet this week’s featured artist in an exclusive interview. Introducing You To Your Next Favorite Artist: Love Ghost

Love Ghost is an indie rock band from Los Angeles. The band was formed in February of 2015, and they have been busy performing at clubs throughout Los Angeles ever since.Having grown up together, the four-piece are able to poignantly express both the hardships and joys of suburban teenage culture within their music. The band was formed by 15-year-old frontman Finn Bell who demonstrates a maturity beyond his years with his soulful lyrics and arrangements. Despite the band all being teenagers, their raw musical skill creates a nostalgic triumph of distorted guitar melodies, heavy drums and emotionally stimulated lyrics. Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains. The band has played in both Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising, and they have been the opening act for OzomatliBuckcherry, Berlin and The Tubes.

We recently talked with Finnegan Bell, Mya Greene, Ryan Stevens & Ale Sierra to get their take on alternative culture. Read on to find out more about your next favorite artist.

Comments From The Curating-Editor

With an incredible CV of opening/festival credits, LA-based Love Ghost makes grunge-inspired alt-rock that’s captivatingly deep and delightfully atmospheric. Their discography reads like an exceptional “the band is getting back together” 90s revival that blows listeners out of the water with an adapted modern alt polish–though its members did not experience the 90s firsthand, as they’re only teenagers. The group is reminiscent of Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins & Thirty Seconds To Mars, with pensive existential themes conveyed through powerfully dynamic and perfectly-weaved strings (guitar, viola and bass). On this Friday afternoon, I present to you their single Friday Afternoon. The track pairs well with an overcast skies, with a nostalgic that blends in subtle pop-punk & LA-folk elements into their shredding yet subdued sound aesthetic. I have no doubt that Love Ghost will serve LA’s music legacy quite well with this genuine and gracious grunge.

What are your top 3 favorite albums that inspired you to get into music?

Dirt by Alice in Chains, Synchronicity by the Police and Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins.

What are your fondest musical memories? 

Performing my first recital by myself (Mya Greene), playing Friday Afternoon for the 1st time (at the Canyon Club In Los Angeles opening for The Tubes).

Lately what musical periods or styles do you find yourself most drawn to as a listener?

Grunge, post grunge, 1920’s Russian Classical.

What is your creative process like? How do you approach the writing process? Is there a particular message or theme central to your creative works?

I think the writing process comes as a fog of emotions. It’s all just how we feel. I approach it like an anthropologist- except I’m trying to find emotional answers to my personal problems (instead of fossils)

We’re a firm believer that the cities that artists are based in helps craft their sound. How would you describe your city’s music scene? How has it inspired you into crafting your sound?

Los Angeles has every type of music for every type of person. The scene here is diverse and vibey. There is definitely a lot of electronic and rap here- but a bunch of punk and rock is here too. Man, the L.A. Music scene is dope. It inspired us because we live in the city of angels and we go to concerts here. We are also fortunate that Ale Sierra’s father Asdru is in the quintessential LA band Ozomatli- and we are surrounded by them and have been fortunate enough to open for them.


How would you describe your visual aesthetic, in terms of album artwork, music videos, and artistry? How does the music you create contribute to your visuals? Does this extend to your live show experience?

We try to create a dark visual aesthetic, but we keep true to ourselves. The band IS an Aesthetic, and we hope this aesthetic grows amongst the masses of teenage brains… LOL.
The music we create is honest, dark and emotional. Our shows are the same way.

As an indie artist in the digital age, social media and streaming are essential tools for marketing and promotion. What do you think about online music sharing, both as a music fan and as a musician? How do you think social media/music streaming services impacts the rising musician?

I think it’s a great way to get your songs out there. It’s a great tool to get fans.

What is your dream collaboration and why?

Edgar Allan Poe- I wonder how he would react to rock and roll.

Which songs are you currently obsessed with? What new acts do you recommend to our listeners? What bands do you believe are your best kept secret in the indie community?

Nutshell by Alice in Chains and Too Much by Dave Matthews. New acts- there’s Lexie Rose, Detoure, Night Talks, Good Deeds and many more. Oh damn- the best kept secret in the indie community… Well, if I say it it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

What are you currently working on? Any new projects?

We are filming a trippy and brooding music video for our song “Forgive Me.” Just finished shooting and are now editing. Also writing new songs and about to play the Troubadour next month.

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