’16 Halloween Playlist

Happy Halloween! I hope you had an amazing Halloweekend, I know that I sure did. I had the pleasure of seeing the stellar Janelle Monáe perform, and let me tell you that soul-driven experimental neofunk is even more invigorating live.

In true IndieBeat tradition, we present to you our third installment of “The Perfect Indie/Alt Halloween Playlist,” updated with more eerily edgy tracks that’ll set the perfect atmospheric vibe for your hallowed eve. Whether you’re partying it up on a Monday, or staying in with a mule and some candy (like I definitely am), this alt-eclectic shuffle ‘n go playlist will get you through the night.

One last thing: we can’t forget about The Monster Mash. You can’t celebrate Halloween without listening to the staple, but let’s be honest, who’s a little tired of the same dated tune? This cover is my favorite version of the song (performed by the now defunct Brooklyn band Selebrities). The track brings it to the 21st century while also giving it that indie -pop charm. I stumbled upon it 4 years ago on tumblr, and now I always roll it out on the blog for the occasion.