Deadfellow | Black On Cherry

Deadfellow is Hayden Sammak’s solo project based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Weaving together folk-rock, alternative production and a slight-psych edge, Deadfellow has recently released a stellar debut-EP cheekily entitled Love Songs For The Contemporary Listener. The EP showcases Hayden’s incredibly gritty & witty songwriting–as well as his warm gravelly vocals–reminiscent of the likes of Nick Cave, The War On Drugs, and as some have pointed out, Leonard Cohen. To put it simply, between the many contemporary references and his intelligent turn of phrase, each of the 6 songs on the EP are equally invigorating. There’s the enthralling & lusty “Oh My God” driven by alt-rock flare but with a more authentic tone, the delicate and euphoric titular track, the fuzzy and cathartic “Black On Cherry” with its brooding intensity, and the pensive dreamscape that is the orchestral-flavored “She Wears Me.” 

Veering at points both haunting and melancholic, Deadfellow’s dynamic sound aesthetic is raw, yet thoughtfully composed for a visceral commentary on “the awfulness of being a millennial in search of love,” to paraphrase his own wry words. Scratchy pedal effects and atmospherics set the scene for his enticing storytelling, making any listener a devout and sympathetic fan, especially in this day and age when we need informed and cerebral art.

Buy his album today (2/3/2017) on Bandcamp and 100% of your payment will be donated to the ACLU.

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