Captiva | So Psychedelic

Kansas City’s Captiva are back with their third single off their forthcoming debut LP, Pay No Mind. “So Psychedelic” retains the group’s rhythmic funk style with its guttural bass and coastal groove, but now adapts that sound into the contemporary indie-pop aesthetic, with more a more dynamic soulpop flare. Just as classic & sun-drenched as their early material, the track reminisces recent alternative music in the vein of Beck and Walk The Moon. The best way to describe this feel-good and addicting track is by looking to the lyrics: “This can be beautiful, something so psychedelic.” As we talked on the Stage Presence interview, Captiva’s Pay No Mind will explore more heavy and explorative rock sounds in their upcoming release, and by the sound of the first three singles, we’re all in for a diverse collection of hits.

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