Bone Police | Forest Whitaker (Cover)

Stream Bone Police’s cover & music video for ‘Forest Whitaker’ below:

Things evolve: bands, blogs & even songs. I’ve been thinking a lot about evolution lately, and some of that has to do with me watching Cosmos, but mostly it’s because I feel that many things are currently evolving around me. As I ruminate on the direction of my personal and professional lives and all of the projects I’m involved in, I think it’s important to note that evolution is a natural part of music culture. We expect our favorite artists to evolve their sound as they progress into their careers, as we also expect that the sounds we listen to will continually evolve into innovative forms. We want our favorite songs to shift according to our moods and current perspectives, as well. Where am I getting at? Change is often good, giving us a fresh chance to go forward and appreciate new things.

This can be easily learned by listening to a cover. A cover has to take an existing thought, and make it anew. It has to develop a song into a new form, while understanding that essence which preceded it. The content has to evolve to make a song fit new experiences. An artist has to make the song their own, while respecting the songwriting of past incarnations. That brings us to this week’s UnderCover, a chance to evolve into the next phase.

Before we dive deep into the cover, we have to take a step back to what preceded it. I received a package in the mail earlier this year that contained some merch marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. Jacob Bruggman, formerly of The Good Wives, is now launching his new solo project by the name of Bone Police. As one project ends, he’s taking his musical experiences and evolving them into a “sound [that] will incorporate electric guitar, synths, and programmed beats to help pull together sounds of current and revisited influences. I see this as a cool opportunity to stretch myself musically as I take over as the sole contributor after the past five years off a collaborative atmosphere.” This new project is him facing the new frontiers of his creative process, and taking an introspective look at what he wants to explore next.

Bone Police Shirt.png

The bleached design on the shirt that arrived in my mail (with logo design by Corinne Magin & stencil design by Sonya Harris) makes complete sense, since it conveys that this is Jake’s progression into a more cerebral and more handcrafted project. Bone Police is taking the neon-vibe associated with the frontman’s previous projects and using it as the groundwork to create larger and more expansive electronic sounds–evolving into a new sound aesthetic he calls electric fade–all with the help from N R H (Neal Harris) on instrumentals and production. It’s uniquely his own envisioning drawing on the more personal side of things, respecting the past, but driven to go forward.

To start their musical journey, Bone Police take on “Forest Whitaker” by Bad Books. With a more retro dreamlike feel than the indie-rock original, this cover reimagines the whistling with more atmospherics and glistening synths, but retaining that quaky yet captivatingly yearning vocal quality–the essence. There’s something more intimate of Bone Police’s version though, an added sense of nostalgia but hopeful drive that makes the song resonate in new ways. With every listen, we’re realizing that Jacob’s artistic fire will never burn out, and that his projects will forever be cool. Bone Police is simply stimulating, rocking you to the core.

As you can hear, evolution in music is a great thing. It’s about taking what works and adapting it into new realms. We’re glad we get to join Jake on his evolution into Bone Police and beyond, because damn, we’re just fascinated by the music he keeps reinventing.

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