Deadfellow | Miss California

Deadfellow is back with a new single off his upcoming album Mescalifornia: A California Dream, out June 9th. The psych-adjacent folk-rock artist fills out his sound with the incredible addition of boozy orchestral horns and strings in “Miss California,” a witty parallel song title to the record’s name and its love-hallucination tone. As frontman Hayden Sammak told us in our Stage Presence podcast interview, the concept album started off somewhat as a tongue-in-cheek take on a mid-century California sound painted into our shared-consciousness by The Beach Boys, but soon turned into quasi-homage to Pet Sounds era production. You can sense that evolution in the new track, as it feels like a genuine ode complete with warm, infatuating vocals and emotive instrumental swells, but still retains Deadfellow’s wry observational songwriting and biting charm. Though “Miss California” sounds classic, it still is very much as Deadfellow standard and original, with his enticing storytelling. We’ve “never been more ready or sure” for such a dynamic and enthralling treat. The song is as inviting and golden as the California coast which inspired it.

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