Introducing: Director of Playlists

IndieBeat has always been my personal passion-project: a creative-outlet for me to be able to support artists that truly inspire me, and to collaborate with them to help amplify their music to all those waiting to hear it. Though for these three-and-a-half years it has been me alone at the computer, curating, writing about, and featuring your next favorite artists, my goal was always to build a team of the brightest music-lovers that had my same interest in innovative sounds (after all music is a social experience). Let me tell you, it is certainly not easy to find people that have the right combination of a great taste in music, an incredible way with words, and a genuine fun-loving personality with a unique perspective to share. I am pleased to inform you that I have found the perfect partner who meets all of the qualifications tenfold, and he is here to help me on my mission to promote independent culture.

Join me in welcoming the fantastic new member of the IndieBeat family, Enrique Llamas, who will be introducing you to great new music as our Director of Playlists. Enrique will be our official playlist contributor, bringing you stellar collections that’ll surely have you experiencing the best music out there. He also will help develop special features, reviews and editorials to showcase the songs, covers, and videos you might have missed, but need to know.

If you trust my selection of indie music, then you will not be disappointed with Enrique’s, since I can confidently say that his taste is infinitely better than mine. Enrique continues to inspire me with everything he does, and I am ecstatic to have found him as a friend and artist that I know will help IndieBeat live up to our potential. We have amazing things planned for you as we enter our next phase, but for now I’ll let your next favorite music-curator tell you about himself:

I’m a graphic & web designer, currently working as Project Manager at Repub1ica Branding, a design agency I founded 11 years ago with 3 of my friends from college. I love playlists because you can have (and a lot of us do) a playlist for everything you do and feel in your daily life: a playlist for your morning shower, a happy breakfast, a wild party, rainy days, commuting to work, or even more complex and abstract things like specific emotions and moods. My point is, you can create your own personalized soundtrack and share it with others, essentially sharing the unique way you experience the world through music! What’s not to love about it!?

And what’s not to love about Enrique. Welcome to the team buddy, we’re lucky to have you!

I’ll now leave you all with a song that Enrique shared with me that I was obsessed with from the first listen, and actually serves as a good introduction to this partnership. The carefree and imaginative nature of No Stranger by Small Black represents exactly what we want to convey as we share amazing music with you; our jobs are to tell the story of artists, tell you what feels good about their music, and to be someone that you trust when it comes to recommendations. We don’t want to be strangers to you, we want to the friends that share our musical discoveries with you.

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All Best,


Josh S. Pineda