Playlist for a Perfect Summer Day

Last month we introduced you to our Director of Playlists & Contributing Partner, Enrique Llamas, and now you get the experience his fantastic music curation for yourself. Enrique will be bringing you featured themed playlists to make sure you have the perfect soundtrack to fuel your musical memories.

It’s the first day of summer, which means it’s the official start of our #FunIndieSun season here at IndieBeat. To celebrate the occasion, we present you with a collection of tracks that’ll have you prepared for the heat and the good summer vibes.

Coconut Oil & Ice Cream Sandwiches

Comments from the Director of Playlists

We all have a perfect summer day story. Those days when everything is possible and it all seems to go alright. A perfect summer day is about the adventure of looking for the unexpected, about getting your head out of the car window and feeling the wind against your face. It is about the joy of going out and experiencing the world with the “fuck it” attitude of a teenager, not a care in the world. It is about those plans that didn’t go as expected, but somehow turned into something even better. It seems to start without you even knowing it, and ends with fireworks, kissing on a beach, or sneaking into a party.

Yeah, perfect summer days are important, because there’s also those times when life seems gray and shallow and you just gotta hang in there. So play that song and tell yourself everything will be alright, because you deserve the chance of another perfect summer day.

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