Deepsleeper | YEARS

Comments from the Curators

Review by Josh S. Pineda, Founder & Curating-Editor

Being that I’m based in Southern California, I’ve been a fan of Blake Straus’ work for a while now, seeing him perform around the Los Angeles music scene with amazing artists that we’ve covered on this site. Personally, I’ve seen him play with Robert Schwartzman, Rooney, and Hunter Hunted several times, and he’s been a live member of the amazing group Air Life (playing alongside another IndieBeat featured artist, Brijesh Pandya of Haathi). I guess I should have known that it was only a matter of time before we were to feature his own songwriting here on IndieBeat. I couldn’t be more excited when I found out that Blake had formed a new project by the name of Deepsleeper, and has released an incredible instrumental track entitled “YEARS.”

As the integration of symphonic sounds has become a central theme in today’s indie and alternative soundscapes, “YEARS” still seems exploratory and unique in the best and most interesting way possible, partly because it relies on more compositional traditions. It’s grandeur lies with the unexpected combination of instrument lines, building and weaving together, sounding like you’re walking down the hallway of a conservatory where the sounds of practice rooms so perfectly meld together to form an encapsulating and cinematically yearning aural experience. The atmospheric fuzz and the pensive melodic line in the first 50 seconds of the track, set the perfect delicate background onto which warm, wandering trombones and fluttering violins are mapped. It’s an organic amalgamation of sounds, making for a stimulating and astonishing texture that feels vast and wonderful. “YEARS” is inspiring, therapeutic and thought-provoking, providing you with a sense of infinite time and endless possibility. We cannot wait to hear more from Deepsleeper, as he seems to create the soundtrack of visionary dreams.

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