Playlist for Your Best Friend

As part of our mission to introduce you to your next favorite artist, we’ll be bringing you featured themed playlists to make sure you have the perfect soundtrack to fuel your musical memories. It’s Friendship Day, so Enrique & Josh put together a playlist to share with your best friends.

My Buddy, You’ve Got A Friend

Comments from the Curating-Editor

IndieBeat is all about making connections with great music. Music is the best way of building friendships and sharing experiences with those you care about, whether it’s in your immediate community or across the internet. It’s one of the reasons why I think this blog works, because I get to support artists around the globe and share their music with passionate fans like you, bringing us all together to just enjoy good sounds.

It makes me happy to share music with others and to get to know these artists better as we collaborate to showcase their craft. I truly consider most of the artists I speak with to now be good friends of mine, and I love it when they check back in and reconnect, either on Facebook or with a new music release. I’m also incredibly lucky to have found a great friend in my Contributing-Partner, Enrique Llamas. We work so well together because the foundation of our collaboration is a friendship that emerged from sharing our favorite music with one another.

I guess what I’m saying is that I hope you consider us your friends when you listen to this playlist. We hope you share this listening experience with your closest friends. Tell them you love and support them, and just share good vibes together.

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