IndieBeat’s 4th Anniversary


Where We Are & Where We’re Going

“You have a deep interest in all that is artistic,” reads an aptly timed fortune cookie that I opened this past weekend. It’s dead on, it’s why I started this little project called IndieBeat four years ago today, except I never imagined it would turn into what it is now.

In that time span, we’ve grown quite a bit, with a roster of 96 independent artists we’ve collaborated with in our artist-centric features (and that’s the conservative number, choosing not to include simple song reviews in the mix). It’s amazing that something that I started with the intention of it just being a writing portfolio, has turned into something way larger than myself, living up to its slight play-on-beatnik name: a community of indie artistry.

Now that we’ve established ourselves as a place to both introduce you to your next favorite artists and share with you the context behind innovative artistry, we’ve been asking ourselves how to do that better. Each year when this time comes around, there seems to be a different tone to this milestone. Now we’re here on the fourth, I think the theme is about looking forward, experimenting and evolving at a time when the industry is doing the same, especially now that the independent approach is not only a facet, but a guiding force of what the new model might be.

We’ve already been experimenting on the site. This year, I’ve reached my personal goal of adding another member to the team, and Enrique Llamas could not be a better fit. It’s fun to collaborate with someone who shares my vision and drive, and really is dedicated to making IndieBeat grow. With his help, we’ve been testing out some new features and processes, figuring out how to create better methods of featuring new music and artistry, and expose that to a larger net of people.

As we celebrate this fourth year, it’s time to really look forward and put our plans into action. We’ve added more playlists, launched new features that look at music in different contexts and backgrounds, and we’ve been more personal in sharing why we do this. We’ve also taken the time to ask our artists how we can improve, and we’re working hard to take their notes into account and implement them across the site.

To put it simply, we are trying to be more forward and bolder (and not just our new color scheme), we want to help more indie artists share their vision, we want to make a name for ourselves so that we can help these artists do the same. You’ll see more changes in the next few months, both on here and on social media, but our dedication to promoting the best of indie artistry will always be central to everything that we do.

As we’re working hard to feature our 100th indie artist here, we just want to make sure you know we do this for the love of music. Music is important to us and that’s why we’re doing everything we can to support it. We want to thank you for joining us on this journey these past four years and we hope you stick with us as we keep on growing for many more years to come. Let’s celebrate indie artistry, let’s remember how music brings us together, and let’s be bold together.

All Best,


Josh S. Pineda