Oogie Boogie: Halloween Playlist ’17

It’s become our annual tradition to deliver you The Perfect Indie/Alt Halloween Playlist, and this year is no different. Introducing the fourth installment of the playlist: Oogie Boogie. This time it’s a bit more haunting and spooky as we share songs that will surely keep you up all night, whether you’re partying in a graveyard with some ghouls, have a date with the night, or just staying up trying to avoid your nightmares. Come out into the night this halloweekend, because it’s bound to be a thrill. We hope this playlist puts you under our spell.

Let’s not forget the IndieBeat staple: each year we roll out our favorite version of The Monster Mash that serves as our howling inspiration behind our curation. Covered by Brooklyn band Selebrities, the new wave energy in this track brings the age-old song into the 21st century, while also giving it that edgy indie-pop charm. The party’s just beginning, “the scene was rockin, all were digging the sound,” and of course, “Drac’s a part of the band.”

Have a happy halloween! After all, there’s no rest for the wicked, mi calaveras y diablitos, you last living souls.

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