Güttinger | “The Hanged Man” (Video)

Review by Josh S. Pineda, Curating-Editor

IndieBeat Artist On View, Güttinger returns with an infatuating new single and video to preview his forthcoming release. The Chariot EP is an exalting concept album inspired by the major arcana of tarot practice, telling a story in five chapters based on the cards’ interpreted meaning; in this case, it depicts a narrative arc that leads “from pride and love to despair and vengeance.”

“The Hanged Man” reaches new heights in Güttinger’s industrial pop, blending his signature contemplative atmospherics with more brooding, cinematic and gutturally-textured synthesized beats. The mechanically-visceral track will have your blood effervescently pumping “from the fire of the heart,” as you feel the simultaneous constricting and unbounding of swelling sonic-passion. It’s a song that makes you want to move as you muse on existential thoughts and emotions, revealing “the coldness of love.”

The single is complete with its own stunning music video directed by Spanish filmmaker and designer David Gaspar, which follows a cloaked woman through the woods as she discovers her prophetic fate, a surrender to the natural forces at play. The video is both tense and liberating, a very sculpted and grounded visual-aesthetic. The song and the video perfectly capture the sense of suspended-time and longing for rapture and devotion that its tarot card conveys, a great indicator of what will be delivered with the full EP.

Serving as the central turning point in his five-song record, the track is incredibly dynamic and mind-expanding, both in well-defined layering and its evolution into more robust and rounded production quality without ever losing its authenticity and ease–highly indicative of Sam Kittinger’s (Güttinger) time at Berklee College of Music, Valencia, where he studied music production and wrote The Chariot as his master’s program thesis.


Of the project, Kittinger explains that, “this past year has been a fucking intense growing period, I’ve learned so much about music theory, arrangement, production and working in the music industry. I really challenged myself to create music that scratched an intellectual and artistic itch, something that I could be proud of accomplishing long after its release. I am so so excited to share this project with you all and the world!”

“The Hanged Man” is available wherever you listen to music now. The Chariot is out soon on streaming platforms. Follow Güttinger on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and at www.guttinger.com