Episode 15: “Millennials In Love” – Deadfellow Returns!

In each edition of Stage Presence, we talk with different artists, producers, and other creative individuals who make up indie + alternative culture.

Stage Presence is back after a hiatus with Hayden Sammak, frontman of Deadfellow. Josh talks with Hayden about his new album, Millennials In Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards).

Music: “Millennials In Love” and “Amphetamine Salts”

Theme Song: “Keep It Coming” by The Good Wives.

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Josh’s Review

Deadfellow is back with his most poignant and impactful album yet, Millennials In Love (And Other Pre-Apocalyptic Standards). Full of dynamic orchestral-infused alternative rock, which really hits home on his influence of Nick Cave, Hayden Sammak creates a very consuming and visceral record that’s nostalgic and forward. It truly is his envisioning of what an emotional and pensive album could be at the brink of the apocalypse. It’s full of aching and contemplative melancholy, but with a biting sarcastic (and somewhat hopeful) edge and wit. It’s both tongue-in-cheek but honest, twisted but true. He touches on deep themes that make you sit there and think for a while, without being incredibly daunting about the chaotic times we’re living in. It’s an album about believing in connection, even at the hardest of times, even when it seems every human is driven apart. It’s a call for action for love in the times of global uncertainty. I think he answers his thesis about what it’s like to be millennials in love. With fully defined and layered production quality, this is the most authentic and direct view we get of Hayden as a songwriter and multimedia artist, and Deadfellow as a complete vision and philosophical critic on contemporary life.

The classic title-track is a bit more subtle than the rest of the record, mainly with a stripped-back piano and singer arrangement, but from it you can tell this album has Deadfellow’s standard sardonic stream-of-consciousness poetry, laced with biting yet charming cultural criticism, his most sincere and vulnerable release, refined and minimal, revelatory and honest in the darkest of times.

“Amphetamine-Salts” hits immediately with both this tension and composure, a guitar-heavy reverberation signaling the unknown anxiousness but a determined focus.

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